Thursday, October 20, 2005

Brooklyn Bridge

Well today we took a long walk from our apartment to downtown Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the first time I have taken any pictures I thought worth posting. It was cloudy when we walked over the bridge and I decided that whenever it is really cloudy out it is always fun to get a picture of a bird flying above while including an object that sticks up into the sky. Interesting huh, not really. Well we walked over the bridge because we are purchasing a building in Bushwick, nice huh. Anyway that is about it. I have been on a diet lately so I have been totaly refraining from eating bagels, boy is it a struggle.

Friday, August 26, 2005

These pics were taken in Sunset Park, this is a park in Brooklyn and when standing in the middle of the park it is the highest point in Brooklyn so it has awesome views of the city. It is great just standing on the ground and being able to look over all the buildings to see great views all 360 degrees around. One can see all of Manhattan, the statue of liberty, Jersey the river, everything. Shane is in most of these shots having fun. This blog has many photos of my son, but hey he is so cute that it only make the photo better, right?

Monday, August 08, 2005

New toys coming

Well I am waiting on a new gadget; I got a Bluetooth headset for my awesome treo 650 cell phone. I usually don't like talking on headsets but maybe a wireless one might be nice. Holding the treo next to my ear gets sweaty especially in the hot summer so I thought to try it out. Supposedly the headset is loud and things so we (or at least myself) shall see. I know what do these pictures have to do with a Bluetooth headset? Nothing really I am just ranting and these are just pictures I have taken, nothing special about either, just spewing. I also got a cool universal remote by harmony remote, it is excellent, controls everything and switches inputs on your TV for you with the press of one button for the whole process. Meaning you press watch TV and the remote turns on the TV the Cable box and sets the input to the right one for watching cable all with just one button, pretty cool huh. I am supposed to be trying to write a paper on Bas van Fraaaaasssssen’s reflection principle but instead writing here about silly gadgets. Maybe it is because I did not get an everything bagel with a schmear of low-fat scallion cream cheese this morning. Wow that sounds good can’t wait till tomorrow to get one.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Free digital camera

Hey just thought to do this to see if it works. To get a free digital camera from this site you have to fill out one offer and refer 10 people, so here is my attempt at referals:

Free Digital Cameras

Saturday, August 06, 2005

CBGB and things

Well yesterday was a bit different then usual, a friend of mine called me to do sound for his band Ari-Up at CBGBs, that was fun. CBGBs is in threat of being evicted Aug. 31, 2005 and so are doing benefit concerts almost everyday, they are telling people to write the mayor. Info about their situations is at People are coming out of the woodwork to pay their respects to the club, especially the people who used to go there in its heyday. So it was kind of weird and fun being there seeing the old time Ramone types. The night I was doing sound the Bush Tetras were playing who are an all female band that also played at CBGB during that time of excitement, when Blondie, Talking Heads and all of them played. To say the least it was interesting, in front of CBGBs you got everyone hanging out especially because of the no smoking law now everyone hangs out in front to smoke cigarettes. Also there were these older homeboy types dancing to rap music like they were on TV or something with a little jam box right in front of the club. Juan is taking forever to walk the dog and get us a bagel as usual.
Anyway it brought back memories of when I did sound, it also brought back memories of the differences of living in Brooklyn as opposed to living in Manhattan in the lower east side. It is very different and there is no place like the lower east side. Even though it has changed a lot of it is still similar and a lot of those people, CBGB types from the heyday, actually still live in the immediate area of CBGBs, they were there and discussing that. Also a big difference I felt and still feel about certain parts of Manhattan is there isn’t the sense of this is my city or my neighborhood you are just an outsider feel I get from almost every neighborhood I have been to in Brooklyn. People in Brooklyn love to claim that they are the true Brooklynites while that feel is not going on as much in Manhattan since the transient feel of Manhattan is what the true Manhattan is.

My Day

Friday, August 05, 2005

Not so interesting pics

Well these are my not so interesting pics I have taken lately. I have a hard time taking street pics in Park Slope, it is only when I go to a different neighborhood that I have an easier time. My camera although great is very delicate and looking around on the Internet I have found it a common complaint. It is that the lens protrudes and if the littlest thing gets in its way it has a lens error. Also it is common that when the camera turns on it does not automatically focus correctly until you zoom in all the way back and forth and then it starts working, this is what was happening to me so I was ready to return it to Casio. But instead I tried what others were discussing in forums to turn on the camera with my finger in front of the lens while it was coming out, causing it to become a lens error, turning it off again and on. This miraculously worked so far, we shall see, so annoying. Shane asking me where his bagel is.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Camera is Back!

Well my camera is back and I haven't taken many pictures with it because my son is sick so I have been staying inside, BORING! I sent my camera to Casio Repair and they repaired it under warrantee even though I dropped it, excellent! So there you have it. Where is my bagel already?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coney Island

Well we went to Coney Island yesterday. It was fun but I dropped my beautiful compact digital camera and now the lens is a bit off. I finally found a camera where I can take nice candid street shots and after 3 days of usage I like a dumbass drop it on the floor, it just fell out of my bag when I was handing it over to Juan. So here are some of the last pictures I took before I have to somehow somewhere get it fixed. I bet it will take a while and will be too expensive, but the camera actually is the first point and shoot digital camera or for that matter point and shoot film camera that I can use taking street shots. In just 3 days of usage I have taken better pictures with that camera then any of the digital cameras I have had over the last like 6 years. Oh well, selavi for the time being until it gets fixed. It still kind of works but it seems out of wake. Also when I turn it on I have to zoom the lens fully and back before the automatic focus kicks in and sort of works. Oh well here are some pics from Coney Island. Now it is time for a bagel.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


So today we went to Bushwick the new frontier as my husband calls it. It is where we might buy an investment property. There is an awesome park there with an exceptional kids part with awesome artsy jungle gyms and the such.

I also decided that I would use this blogg more for puting up my photos. I love taking street outdoor photos but have given up carrying an SLR all the time. They are too big and with a kid it is too hard. So I have been on a quest to find the perfect digital camera to be able to take candid street shots to no avail. Usually the shutter lag is way to slow for it to work for candid street shots. Although I loved the digital point and shoots because finally the LCD frame is exactly the picture frame which was never true of point and shoot film cameras that I never liked. Well finally I found the perfect digital extremely compact camera. The casio lx750 or some name like that. It is awesome because it doesn't have the shutter lag since it does not lock until focus. You have the choice of just pushing down the shuter without waiting for it to focus on the middle focus ring.

Well it works out perfectly because it mostly is in focus when you just push it, it is fast and taking that chance is the same as when you do manual focus with an SLR. You just focus on a certain mid point and then just shoot and hope it is in focus. But you miss street shoots if you sit there and focus forever so this works out great. Suposedly this is the first point and shoot digital camera to work that way and finally.

So these were the shoots I took today in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. I can't find a bagel.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Trying to think of the furture

Boring topic I know, boy has it been overdone like a bad steak or something. Thinking about school, studying and making money. Well we are deciding to go into real estate here in the big apple, well Brooklyn. Is Brooklyn part of the big apple? Thinking about being landlords and vacationing non-stop. Who isn't thinking about such a life? Who is? Who knows? Who cares?

Maria's bird is doing well, very cute. Maria writes a lot about anything and it sounds great. Maria spews out the written work like I go to the bathroom, it is just natural and easy for her, or it seems that way to me. Oops there comes my bagel.

Monday, July 11, 2005

My head

Today my head hurts, my throat hurts, my son is cute, I am waiting for some new gadgets and that is that. My life is too boring to myself that I can't get myself to repeat for the purposes of a blog. But I guess I can use this blog for writing other things besides my life. But here comes my bagel.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Hey what is up? I am bored and too lazy to create a good blog but decided to make one anyway.