Saturday, August 06, 2005

CBGB and things

Well yesterday was a bit different then usual, a friend of mine called me to do sound for his band Ari-Up at CBGBs, that was fun. CBGBs is in threat of being evicted Aug. 31, 2005 and so are doing benefit concerts almost everyday, they are telling people to write the mayor. Info about their situations is at People are coming out of the woodwork to pay their respects to the club, especially the people who used to go there in its heyday. So it was kind of weird and fun being there seeing the old time Ramone types. The night I was doing sound the Bush Tetras were playing who are an all female band that also played at CBGB during that time of excitement, when Blondie, Talking Heads and all of them played. To say the least it was interesting, in front of CBGBs you got everyone hanging out especially because of the no smoking law now everyone hangs out in front to smoke cigarettes. Also there were these older homeboy types dancing to rap music like they were on TV or something with a little jam box right in front of the club. Juan is taking forever to walk the dog and get us a bagel as usual.
Anyway it brought back memories of when I did sound, it also brought back memories of the differences of living in Brooklyn as opposed to living in Manhattan in the lower east side. It is very different and there is no place like the lower east side. Even though it has changed a lot of it is still similar and a lot of those people, CBGB types from the heyday, actually still live in the immediate area of CBGBs, they were there and discussing that. Also a big difference I felt and still feel about certain parts of Manhattan is there isn’t the sense of this is my city or my neighborhood you are just an outsider feel I get from almost every neighborhood I have been to in Brooklyn. People in Brooklyn love to claim that they are the true Brooklynites while that feel is not going on as much in Manhattan since the transient feel of Manhattan is what the true Manhattan is.

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