Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Camera is Back!

Well my camera is back and I haven't taken many pictures with it because my son is sick so I have been staying inside, BORING! I sent my camera to Casio Repair and they repaired it under warrantee even though I dropped it, excellent! So there you have it. Where is my bagel already?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coney Island

Well we went to Coney Island yesterday. It was fun but I dropped my beautiful compact digital camera and now the lens is a bit off. I finally found a camera where I can take nice candid street shots and after 3 days of usage I like a dumbass drop it on the floor, it just fell out of my bag when I was handing it over to Juan. So here are some of the last pictures I took before I have to somehow somewhere get it fixed. I bet it will take a while and will be too expensive, but the camera actually is the first point and shoot digital camera or for that matter point and shoot film camera that I can use taking street shots. In just 3 days of usage I have taken better pictures with that camera then any of the digital cameras I have had over the last like 6 years. Oh well, selavi for the time being until it gets fixed. It still kind of works but it seems out of wake. Also when I turn it on I have to zoom the lens fully and back before the automatic focus kicks in and sort of works. Oh well here are some pics from Coney Island. Now it is time for a bagel.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


So today we went to Bushwick the new frontier as my husband calls it. It is where we might buy an investment property. There is an awesome park there with an exceptional kids part with awesome artsy jungle gyms and the such.

I also decided that I would use this blogg more for puting up my photos. I love taking street outdoor photos but have given up carrying an SLR all the time. They are too big and with a kid it is too hard. So I have been on a quest to find the perfect digital camera to be able to take candid street shots to no avail. Usually the shutter lag is way to slow for it to work for candid street shots. Although I loved the digital point and shoots because finally the LCD frame is exactly the picture frame which was never true of point and shoot film cameras that I never liked. Well finally I found the perfect digital extremely compact camera. The casio lx750 or some name like that. It is awesome because it doesn't have the shutter lag since it does not lock until focus. You have the choice of just pushing down the shuter without waiting for it to focus on the middle focus ring.

Well it works out perfectly because it mostly is in focus when you just push it, it is fast and taking that chance is the same as when you do manual focus with an SLR. You just focus on a certain mid point and then just shoot and hope it is in focus. But you miss street shoots if you sit there and focus forever so this works out great. Suposedly this is the first point and shoot digital camera to work that way and finally.

So these were the shoots I took today in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. I can't find a bagel.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Trying to think of the furture

Boring topic I know, boy has it been overdone like a bad steak or something. Thinking about school, studying and making money. Well we are deciding to go into real estate here in the big apple, well Brooklyn. Is Brooklyn part of the big apple? Thinking about being landlords and vacationing non-stop. Who isn't thinking about such a life? Who is? Who knows? Who cares?

Maria's bird is doing well, very cute. Maria writes a lot about anything and it sounds great. Maria spews out the written work like I go to the bathroom, it is just natural and easy for her, or it seems that way to me. Oops there comes my bagel.

Monday, July 11, 2005

My head

Today my head hurts, my throat hurts, my son is cute, I am waiting for some new gadgets and that is that. My life is too boring to myself that I can't get myself to repeat for the purposes of a blog. But I guess I can use this blog for writing other things besides my life. But here comes my bagel.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Hey what is up? I am bored and too lazy to create a good blog but decided to make one anyway.