Friday, August 05, 2005

Not so interesting pics

Well these are my not so interesting pics I have taken lately. I have a hard time taking street pics in Park Slope, it is only when I go to a different neighborhood that I have an easier time. My camera although great is very delicate and looking around on the Internet I have found it a common complaint. It is that the lens protrudes and if the littlest thing gets in its way it has a lens error. Also it is common that when the camera turns on it does not automatically focus correctly until you zoom in all the way back and forth and then it starts working, this is what was happening to me so I was ready to return it to Casio. But instead I tried what others were discussing in forums to turn on the camera with my finger in front of the lens while it was coming out, causing it to become a lens error, turning it off again and on. This miraculously worked so far, we shall see, so annoying. Shane asking me where his bagel is.

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