Monday, August 08, 2005

New toys coming

Well I am waiting on a new gadget; I got a Bluetooth headset for my awesome treo 650 cell phone. I usually don't like talking on headsets but maybe a wireless one might be nice. Holding the treo next to my ear gets sweaty especially in the hot summer so I thought to try it out. Supposedly the headset is loud and things so we (or at least myself) shall see. I know what do these pictures have to do with a Bluetooth headset? Nothing really I am just ranting and these are just pictures I have taken, nothing special about either, just spewing. I also got a cool universal remote by harmony remote, it is excellent, controls everything and switches inputs on your TV for you with the press of one button for the whole process. Meaning you press watch TV and the remote turns on the TV the Cable box and sets the input to the right one for watching cable all with just one button, pretty cool huh. I am supposed to be trying to write a paper on Bas van Fraaaaasssssen’s reflection principle but instead writing here about silly gadgets. Maybe it is because I did not get an everything bagel with a schmear of low-fat scallion cream cheese this morning. Wow that sounds good can’t wait till tomorrow to get one.

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