Friday, April 14, 2006

Coney Island

100_0092, originally uploaded by shveckle.

I got a new camera, a Kodak dual lens v570. The pictures are not as good as my casio and the movies are not as good as the casio at all. I use the movie function a lot because I take quick videos of my son playing and singing and I hate breaking out the camecorder. The casio works great and the movies look great but it only uses a weird .avi format that just to look at the movie on a mac I have to convert to mpeg4 .mov file with a third party software. The process takes a few minutes so is annoying but the quality is great. The v570 records movies in mpeg4 format and does not have to be converted at all on my mac to look at or to upload to youtube or myspace. The thing I like about the v570 is the Ultra Wide angle lens. It is nice and has a fixed focus and therefore takes pictures fast and also has the panorama mode where you can stitch 3 pictures together. This is fun because you can do all sorts of weird things like have the same people in the shots etc. I have just had the camera for 3 days so am just starting to explore the fun of the wide angle and panaroma modes.

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